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They have no time for downtime. Neither do you!
You don't have time for downtime!

It takes 10 minutes to drink a cup of coffee.

It takes even less time to lose a week of production.

Just 10 minutes of daily downtime costs you more than 41 hours of lost annual production. More if running multiple shifts.

Plug a few numbers into the calculator below to see how much time, production and money you are losing. was founded more than 25 years ago on the proposition that downtime, especially downtime from changeover, is too important to waste. Quick changeover is the key to productivity.

Changeover between products is the biggest single cause of downtime in most plants and that is our primary focus. Proper and precise setups reduce other, running, downtime so we reduce them as well.

We make downtime disappear

You get more output with less input. That's efficiency.

We make you more efficient

John Henry has over 25 years of experience deleting downtime in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, electrical components, paper, household products, chemical, cosmetics and other industries. He knows know what works where. He wrote the book on quick changeover.

He's called The Changeover Wizard because he makes downtime disappear.

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What we do:

Operational Excellence

Quick Changeover assessments

OEE measurement and improvement

Equipment design for changeover

Technical writing/manuals/SOPs

Kaizen facilitation



Achieving Quick Changeover


Effective troubleshooting

Effective Tool Usage

Vibratory bowl feeders

Custom technical training

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We'll get rid of that downtime for you.

Call now. Downtime won't disappear on its own.