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It’s time.

Trying to get new results using old practices will drive you crazy.

It’s time to change.

Muda is Japanese word for wastefulness or waste. You’ve got it, you need to get rid of it.

There are many wastes but the costliest is wasted production capacity. Your customers want more product, they want it more quickly and they want it more cheaply.

How do you give it to them?

Maybe you can add shifts. But where do you find the people to staff those shifts? We both know how hard it is to find qualified workers. Especially skilled craftspeople.

You could add additional line and equipment. That will take time you just don’t have. Probably about a year from need to commissioning. And where do you find the people to run it?

There’s a way to satisfy your customers at minimal cost.

Run your lines more efficiently. Eliminate downtime, underperformance and defects

More efficient use of existing plant means you will produce more with the same equipment and people

More efficient use of existing plant means you can respond more quickly to customer wants.

More effective use of existing plant means more product for the same cost: You can sell it more cheaply.

Henry Ford’s formula: Reduce cost, reduce price, increase volume which

reduces cost, allowing reduced price, increasing volume. Repeat.

The problem with muda is that it accumulates. Over time it builds up so slowly that you never even notice but it is killing you just the same.

You need a fresh set of eyes to see the muda and develop actionable solutions to eliminate it.

I am those eyes.

My years of experience across many industries, companies and products let me see what you don’t.

My years of experience have taught me how to eliminate waste.

My years of experience have taught me what works and what doesn’t.

Let me show you how you get rid of your muda.

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