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Quick Changeover/SMED
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The opportunity

You know you need to slash your downtime and you know changeover is the biggest cause. Your problem is that you don't know where to begin. You need a system.

The solution

No matter your industry, the best place to start is John Henry's Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work kaizen workshop. Presented in your plant this workshop gives your team a framework for identifying and implementing improvements.

John has presented this workshop over 200 times since 1998 to a variety of industries including automotive, extrusion, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, plastic molding, consumer packaged goods, stamping and more. One of John's strengths is that he brings ideas that may be commonplace in one industry but unheard of in another.
What it is

The workshop is typically 2 units, 1 day of classroom and 1 day on the floor. If desired, it can be extended for additional days into a full kaizen exercise. In the classroom john provides a unique combination of lecture from experience, group discussion, practical examples and over 150 photos, videos and actual parts that have proven useful for improving changeover.

John ices the cake with a simulation exercise using his Monster Maker. The team first does a fiddly changeover then brainstorms ideas for improvement. After implementing the improvements, the team does a sub 60 second changeover.

On Day II, the team goes to the plant floor or works with previously filmed video. John coaches the team in identifying improvement opportunities and solutions. The team develops a written action plan.

Ten Day Challenge

Getting started is the hardest part so John challenges the team to find at least 5 opportunities that will be implemented in the next 10 working days. This Ten Day Challenge pays the cost of the course several times over.

Who it's for

the workshop is for any industry or organization that must changeover between multiple products. Typical attendees include: Technicians, Setup mechanics Operators, Supervisors, Managers, Engineers, Quality inspectors ... and anyone else involved in changeover.

Course materials

Each attendee receives a paperback copy of John Henry's book Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work Coursebookand a certificate of completion.


John is fully bilingual and presents the course in English or Spanish as appropriate.

What to do now or call John at 1-787-550-9650 to request a proposal or additional information.